2017 NFL Playoffs Predictions

This Sunday, the NFL playoffs begin and here’s my prediction.

Wildcard Round

#5 Tennessee Titans at #4 Kansas City Chiefs: 24-14

#6 Atlanta Falcons at #3 Los Angeles Rams: 27-30

#6 Buffalo Bills at #3 Jacksonville Jaguars: 10-20

#5 Carolina Panthers at #3 New Orleans Saints: 24-17

Divisional Round

#5 Carolina Panthers at #1 Philadelphia Eagles: 14-17

#5 Tennessee Titans at #1 New England Patriots: 10-30

#3 Jacksonville Jaguars at #2 Pittsburgh Steelers: 24-21

#3 Los Angeles Rams at # 2 Minnesota Vikings: 26-20 (OT)

Conference Championship Round

#3 Los Angeles Rams at #1 Philadelphia Eagles: 28-13

#3 Jacksonville Jaguars at #1 New England Patriots: 24-17

Super Bowl


Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots: 31- 23

Super Bowl 52 Champions: Los Angeles Rams

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2017 NFL Season Predictions

MVP: Tom Brady

Coach of the Year: Jack Del Rio

Defensive Player of the Year: Khalil Mack

Rookie of the Year: Myles Garnett

Offensive Player of the Year: Aaron Rodgers

Divisional Leaders:

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys (11-5)

NFC West: Arizona Cardinals (12-4)

NFC North: Green Bay Packers (12-4)

NFC South: Atlanta Falcons (13-3)

AFC East: New England Patriots (15-1)

AFC West: Oakland Raiders (11-5)

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)

AFC South:  Houston Texans (10-6)

Bold Predictions:

  1. Cam Newton will have a MVP-Caliber Year

2. Ezekiel Elliott will have a 2,000 yard season

3. Cleveland Browns will make to the playoffs

NFL Playoffs Predictions

I’m back with predictions! 🙂

Wildcard Round:

#5 Oakland Raiders vs #4 Houston Texas: 30-20

#6 Detroit Lions vs #3 Seattle Seahawks: 14-27

#6 Miami Dolphins vs #3 Pittsburgh Steelers: 20-26 (OT)

#5 New York Giants vs #4 Green Bay Packers: 10-24

Divisional Round:

#3 Seattle Seahawks vs #2 Atlanta Falcons: 30-23

#5 Oakland Raiders vs #1 New England Patriots: 13-33

#3 Pittsburgh Steelers vs #2 Kansas City Chiefs: 20-14

#4 Green Bay Packers vs #1 Dallas Cowboys: 23-27

Championship Round:

#3 Seattle Seahawks vs #1 Dallas Cowboys: 23-20

#3 Pittsburgh Steelers vs #1 New England Patriots: 30-24

Super Bowl 51:

Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers: 20- 31






Will NBA Live 17 be great?

Hello, my name is Anthony Payton and I’m here to talk about NBA Live and its future. NBA Live started in 1994 to add variety in EA Sports. It was received with great reception and continued to sale despite having competition such as NBA Jam and NBA Showtime. Everything going well for NBA Live until 2K Sports came along. It been a steady competition between the companies from 2004-2010. 2010 was the year 2K Sports released NBA 2K11. At the same time, EA Sports decided to renovate the series into NBA Elite and it turned out the worst move for EA Sports. When EA released the demo of NBA Elite 11, fans and critics panned the game for being unplayable and having numerous of glitches. Because of this, NBA Elite 11 was cancelled and NBA 2K11 became the most successful basketball video game for 2K Sports. Since this, NBA 2K series became  more popular and successful over the years while NBA Live waited for three years to released a mediocre game.

After the embarrassingly release of NBA Live 16, EA decided to postpone NBA Live 17 in order to make it. Despite 2K having the upper hand, fans are getting more frustrated by the day with glitches, shady microtransactions, and a flop release of “Park After Dark”. Fans are really looking forward to NBA Live 17 and that is shocking. After the disappointing releases, there are people waiting for NBA Live 17. To be honest, I’m with them. Despite the horrendous games, I want NBA Live be successful. In my opinion, I think they can do it. If we can have a good Madden and FIFA game this year, then I can see a decent NBA Live game. There’s an interview with NBA Live Senior Producer so I feeling positive that NBA Live will be good: http://www.thegamingtailgate.com/forums/content.php?1261-Senior-Producer-Mike-Mahar-Talks-NBA-LIVE-17

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