2017 NFL Playoffs Predictions

This Sunday, the NFL playoffs begin and here’s my prediction.

Wildcard Round

#5 Tennessee Titans at #4 Kansas City Chiefs: 24-14

#6 Atlanta Falcons at #3 Los Angeles Rams: 27-30

#6 Buffalo Bills at #3 Jacksonville Jaguars: 10-20

#5 Carolina Panthers at #3 New Orleans Saints: 24-17

Divisional Round

#5 Carolina Panthers at #1 Philadelphia Eagles: 14-17

#5 Tennessee Titans at #1 New England Patriots: 10-30

#3 Jacksonville Jaguars at #2 Pittsburgh Steelers: 24-21

#3 Los Angeles Rams at # 2 Minnesota Vikings: 26-20 (OT)

Conference Championship Round

#3 Los Angeles Rams at #1 Philadelphia Eagles: 28-13

#3 Jacksonville Jaguars at #1 New England Patriots: 24-17

Super Bowl


Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots: 31- 23

Super Bowl 52 Champions: Los Angeles Rams

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Cover Image: CBS Sports


XFL May Return in 2018

Friday, WWE spokesperson issued a statement to Deadspin about Vince McMahon funding Alpha Entertainment, to explore sports and entertainment opportunities such as American Football. This information could hint a return of the failed XFL. XFL was a football league that Vince created in 2000 to compete against the NFL. It discontinued in 2001 due to multiple mistakes made by the WWE and NBC. The mistakes were short schedule for practice, lackluster games, boring commentary, sexual-suggestive cheerleaders, and mixing football with wrestling. Despite its failures, the XFL was pretty innovative by popularizing the use of “SkyCam”, which is used in the NFL.

Rod Smart #30

One of the most iconic players in the XFL, Rod “He Hate Me” Smart. From Google

With this announcement, I’m pretty confident that the XFL can be successful this time around. After watching 30 for 30 special, I can see Vince McMahon fixing all of the mistakes he made during that time. It is good news that budget is separate from WWE so it won’t affect either product. Also, I want to know about the new rules for the game so they can have more entertaining games. The question I have is what network they going to be on? They can’t go back to NBC because they are under contract with the NFL. The best network will be Turner Sports because they are biggest sports network without an NFL contract. I will report any new information about this when release.


Chiari, Mike. “WWE Says Vince McMahon Investing in ‘Alpha Entertainment’ Amid XFL Rumors.” Bleacher Report, Bleacher Report, 16 Dec. 2017, bleacherreport.com/articles/2749590-wwe-says-vince-mcmahon-investing-in-alpha-entertainment-amid-xfl-rumors?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=programming-national.

Why the return of NFL 2K won’t work today?

Twelve years ago, EA Sports signed an exclusive deal with the NFL to be the only company to have the exclusive license of NFL players and teams. Even since then, EA Sports has released disappointing Maddens almost every year with one or two decent games. During the tenure, there were only two football games without any NFL teams stood out, All-Pro Football 2K8 and BackBreaker. Today, Madden NFL 18 is getting worse month after month. This would be a great time for the NFL to leave EA Sports and go to 2K Sports to revive NFL 2K. That wouldn’t a great idea. I will explain why.

NFL will never leave EA Sports


There’s no chance that the National Football League will leave EA Sports exclusive deal to have an open license for both 2K and EA. In 2004, NFL 2K5 was released for $20 instead of $60. Even though it was a smart marketing plan, the NFL didn’t like that idea because they didn’t make a lot of money from it compare to the income from Madden 2005. This made the deal between EA and the NFL a lot of easier because both companies can make a lot of money from each other. Despite Madden is getting more negative reviews every year, either company is still making money due to Madden is one of the best selling games of every year since 2005.

2K Sports will give us the same results


Going back to 2K Sports won’t be the worst thing for NFL video games. However, I don’t see it being the saving grace based on the current state of 2K Sports video games. Recently, NBA 2K series has been fallen down since 2K13. From focusing more on microtransactions to stale game modes, NBA 2K is getting more criticism every year. Especially with NBA 2K17 and NBA 2K18, which is worst games in the entire series. Even WWE 2K series is also getting panned and criticized by fans when compared THQ version of WWE. Even though Visual Concepts still works with 2K, the majority of developers who had worked on ESPN NFL 2K5 and All-Pro Football 2K8 doesn’t work with them anymore. Which leads to my next topic:

Stop Living in the Past


ESPN NFL 2K5 and All-Pro Football 2K8 are some of the best football video games of all time. However, that doesn’t mean the results from a new NFL 2K will be the same as those games. As much I love those games, I don’t believe that 2K will the same type of game that I love. As previously stated, the company has become lazy and money-hungry similar to EA Sports and it’s making me lose confidence in them. I mean I don’t have that much confidence in EA either but I don’t trust that 2K can go back into the classic state that was in the mid-2000. I have seen this from a lot of fans that they believe 2K can another classic like ESPN NFL 2K5. I feel like some of these fans don’t remember the negatives in these games such as open-field blocking was bad as Madden, the reach tackling feature was atrocious, and user interceptions were nearly impossible in APF 2K8. Despite the games were great, there were things that were flawed or annoying. Also, fans are not looking at the many flaws that NBA 2K have because of their love of the past games and hatred of the recent Madden games.


The main point is that either company will give us crap. As fans, we should keep voicing your opinion on the problems in the game until the developers listen to us. Whether they work with EA or 2K, we complain about something we don’t like. However, don’t give one company favoritism because you don’t like the opposing company tactics.

Blitz The League: Nostalgia Review

My name is Anthony Payton and here’s my nostalgia review on Midway’s Blitz The League. This game came out in 2005 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox but I’m using the Xbox 360 version that was released a year later. Blitz The League is a spin-off to another Midway franchise NFL Blitz. NFL Blitz ended after EA Sports bought the exclusive NFL license, making them the only video game to have NFL players and teams. For being known for their arcade-style gameplay that This game received a different turn in the series. While keeping the arcade gameplay, Blitz: The League decided to step into Mortal Kombat style of violence. This means the gameplay has gruesome injuries with bones breaking and muscles tearing apart.


As previously stated, Blitz: The League still kept their arcade style of gameplay from the previous games. The game is fast-paced and easy to understand to control. The feature they added to the game is the Clash Meter. The meter allows the player to do commit charged moves such as spins, jukes, catches, and dirty hits. After six successful moves, the player will be rewarded with an Unleased move, which gives the player an unstoppable move that can cause an easy touchdown or an injury to the opponent.


Game Modes:

Similar to NFL Blitz Pro, Blitz has multiple mini-games. Mini-games include Big Head mode, Butterfingerz, Hard Hits, All or Nothing and others. The main game mode is Career mode. Career mode is where you take over a Division 3 team and lead them to the Division 1 and win the championship. This mode includes two former NFL stars: Bill Romanowski as Bruno and Lawrence Taylor as Quentin Sands.

In the mode, you can customize the players on your team, train them, and even give them legal and illegal drugs to enhance their attributes. Before every game, you are given objective or choices by gaining over 200 yards for extra money or spend money for escorts to fatigue the other team. Also, the story in Career mode is created by former writers of Playmakers, a football show on ESPN that was canceled because NFL didn’t like the portrayal the show was given about the image of professional football.



All in all, Blitz: The League is good game and I would recommend to try it out. The game goes around for $15 on Amazon.

Rating: 8/10

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