Tekken Games: From Worst to Best

Hello, my name is Anthony Payton and I’m doing something different by discussing games other than sports games. It’s something I want to try out for my blog since recent sports games have been mediocre to me. So today, I want to discuss my favorite fighting game series, Tekken. This is one of the first video games I played and I love the whole series. To have some fun, I want to rank all the Tekken games except the mobile game. My ranking would be based on the gameplay, presentation, replay value, and the impact the game had on the series. Remember, this is my list and my opinion. So, if you disagree with my list, please do so respectfully in the comments.

9. Tekken (1995)


Even though it was the first game in the series and one of the first 3-D fighting games to come out, the first Tekken hasn’t aged well. The game feels stiff, doesn’t take advantage of the 3-D movement, slow movement, and jumping to extreme heights. This makes it harder when facing the final boss because the movement is slow and limited. Also, the only game modes available are arcade mode and two-player mode. I feel that the only reason to play this one is for nostalgia.

8. Tekken 6 (2009)


Tekken 6 is considered to be the most disappointing game from the franchise in my opinion. While having one of the best gameplay mechanics in the series, Tekken 6 is loaded with a lot of problems. From having slow loading screens that take more than seconds to load a match to have bad netcode that causes a lot of lag for matches. Also, I didn’t enjoy the story mode compared to the other games because I didn’t like playing Tekken Force-like gameplay for the story. Lastly, I despise the final boss, Azazel, because he was too cheap to fight against compared to another boss I will talk about.

7. Tekken 4 (2002)


I always have a soft game for this game since I was a kid. So it was weird when I spoke to other fans of Tekken, they would say Tekken 4 is their least favorite. From a professional viewpoint, I understand why. The game has problems such as balance issues, bugs, small character roster, and horrible stage designs that make it difficult to play competitively. Despite the problems, I still like the game. During this time, I wasn’t playing competitive so I didn’t notice these gameplay issues. I enjoy the game as a fun experience with the open stages and game modes such as the new story mode and Tekken Force. I treat this game like Super Smash Bros. Brawl by treating it as a fun game instead of a competitive game.

6. Tekken 7 (2017)


Tekken 7 is the right step for the series after 6 but still needs improvement. The gameplay is one of the best experiences I had from the series. It felt balanced, rewarded players for their skills online and offline, and the new mechanics such as Rage Art are great and not overpowering. However, Tekken 7 is lacking in other game modes to keep the game interesting. The story mode they have is great. The arcade mode is short compared to the other installments by having five matches instead of at least eight matches.

5 & 4. Tekken Tag Tournament 1 & 2 (2000 & 2012)

I feel like both games should share this spot because they’re both Tag Tournament games. Both games are fan services because of it features every character from the series except the guest characters. This is great because some fans want their favorite characters back after some of them didn’t make it back in the main games. These games are different from the main series by using the Tag System that allows Two vs Two instead of One vs One. This allows players to switch players and create tag combos with various teams. The first tag game has the best mini-game in the series, Tekken Bowling. For the second game, it’s similar to the first one but improves on the Tag System by creating more ways to do tag combos.

3. Tekken 2 (1996)


After the release of Tekken 1, it was certain that Tekken 2 would be an upgrade from it. Tekken 2 improved on the stiffness from the first one and make the fighting more smooth and faster. The AI is better when adapting to certain attacks especially playing against the final boss, Kazuya/Devil. Also, they added a lot of game modes that became a staple for the series such as Survival Mode, Practice, and Team Battle mode.

2. Tekken 3 (1997)


For a fun fact, this is the first video I ever played as a kid. For that, I am happy that I started my childhood with an incredible game. Tekken 3 was a huge upgrade from Tekken 2 with everything. They improved on the gameplay by decreasing the”moon jumping” and having realistic jumping height. They also focus on juggle combos, sidestepping, and counters. The soundtrack for the game is fantastic with the rock/jazz fusion. The number of game modes increased with the addition of Tekken Force and Tekken Ball. There were a lot of characters that were introduced in the game such as Jin, Hwoarang, Bryan, Eddy, and Xiaoyu.

1. Tekken 5 (2005)


When doing this list, I thought Tekken 3 would be my number one. After replaying Tekken 5, I have to put it as the best Tekken. It fixes the fighting bugs and problems from Tekken 4 and made the gameplay as the standard for the series. It was the most balanced fighting in the series. They also improved on the Story mode by having sub-bosses for each character and cutscenes after each sub-boss. Once again, they increased the number of game modes by adding a mini-game called Devil Within, which is similar to Tekken Force but focus on the character Jin. Also, they add a game mode called Arcade History, which contains the arcade versions of the first three Tekken games. The only thing that ignores when I first played this was the final boss, Jinpachi. He was difficult to fight by having overpowering and unblockable moves but the more I played the game, the easier he got.

Do you agree/disagree with my list? Let me know in the comments section.

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Images: Tekken Wiki


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