Devil May Cry 5′ Microtransaction Rage is Dumb

“Microtransactions”. Hearing that word can cause a lot of gamers to be upset and angry. These things can ruin games by making them into pay to win games, decreasing in-game rewards, and making the player spend more money than they actually pay for the game. So, when the news came out that Devil May Cry 5 will include microtransactions to buy orbs to upgrade moves, there was plenty of outrage for this.Β  Gamers on social media including big names such as Angry Joe complain about this and feel that Capcom is trying to rip the players off.


However, there are some gamers including me, didn’t into the outrage for this feature. This wasn’t the first time Capcom added microtransactions to the Devil May Cry series. It was included in Devil May Cry 4, which I’m currently playing right now to get ready for DmC 5, and it didn’t affect the gameplay at all. Gaining blood orbs in the game is pretty easy and doesn’t limit how much you can earn during gameplay. So, I can predict that it will be the same for Devil May Cry 5. The reason I feel that the outrage of this news is dumb because I think this is an overreaction of microtransactions. Yes, I believe that microtransaction can hurt games by decreasing the amount of point to be earned and caused players to spend money to keep up such as Madden from EA and NBA 2K from 2K Sports, where they made it harder for players to earn coins or VC compared to the previous installments and players have to buy in-game currency to keep up. Those types of microtransaction can destroy the fun in the game, but Devil May Cry is not doing that. The gameplay is staying the same and microtransactions is for people who want to spend money for orbs without playing the game. The players who are not spending money will not be punished for this. Capcom is not pulling a stunt like EA and tricking players to buy microtransactions. It’s an option.


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