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Five Things that are Good & Bad in Madden NFL 19

Hello, my name is Anthony Payton and I’m here to talk about Madden 19. Since playing the game for the last two weeks, I can say I really enjoy this year’s Madden compared to last year. There are improvements to the game and new additions that make the game more fun to play. However, there are things in the game make me question EA on how much work they did on here. So today, I will have a list of features that are good and bad in Madden 19.


  1. Real Player Motion

Youtube: Eric Rayweather

I was happy when real player motion was announced for Madden 19 because I didn’t like how the players move in Madden 18. At first, playing the game, I didn’t enjoy it because the players felt slower than ever and harder to control. It felt I was playing Madden 10 all over again. However, after getting used to it, I fell in love with it. The game actually rewards players who have good stick skills and players can’t run around without having hesitations with their movement like in real life. On defense, they added new hit stick tackles that removed low hit fumbles. Also, I love you can force incomplete passes by hitting the receiver when they catch the ball.

2. Running game is great and overpowered

With the addition of real player motion, it caused the running game to slower and more realistic. In Madden 18, the biggest problem in the run game is the jukes and spins were overpowered that anyone can get fake out with a flick of the right stick. Now, the automatic jukes and spins are trimmed down. Also, they added one-cut moves so running backs can’t cut upfield at ease. The turbo system for running backs have been tweaked as well by you have to double tap the turbo button to get an acceleration burst to around the corners and pass defenders.

3. Madden Ultimate Team is the best this year


Photo: EA Sports

Usually, I’m not a fan of Ultimate Team because I don’t like spending money to get a good team. However, Madden 19 made it easier for players to grind for good players. This year, they added solo battles where you rank points to get high rewards. They added more solo challenges that you can do to get a lot of coins and players. They took contracts out of the game so players don’t have to worry about spending coins on contracts for players after every few games. One of my favorite features they added is training cards. Training cared are players you can boost up by selling players you don’t need. This features help me build up my team to an 82 overall.

4. Some additions in Franchise



Photo: EA Sports

There are some new franchise additions that I like in here. I love that they added custom draft classes in Franchise mode. I also like the new player archetypes and coach schemes. This year’s franchise mode has some customizations and I hope they continue adding more features in the future.

5. Player Models looks nice (except for face scans)

This year, EA Sports took some advance of the Frostbite engine with the player models. The players’ bodies look fantastic, they don’t look out of place. My favorite model is Shaquem Griffin because they took time to have his missing limb and I thought they would lazy about that. However, face scans is still a problem. A lot of players didn’t have their face scanned and they looked very generic. Also, when creating a player, they still don’t have new faces to use or custom face scans like NBA Live or NBA 2K.


  1. LongShot sucks


Photo: EA Sports

I was one of the few players who was excited about LongShot this year. Last year was very underwhelming by having little gameplay with a lot of cutscenes. I thought this year they would fix it, but I was wrong. LongShot this year is boring. The story is not exciting. The choice of choosing your team was useless because now you’re playing for the Cowboys despite whatever team you were on. Also, the gameplay is still the same. I thought they would learn from FIFA or NBA 2K by having a lot of gameplay to keep the player interested, but they didn’t. To be honest, they should abandon this and add Superstar mode back to Madden.

2. Not many improvements in Franchise mode

Youtube: MilesDawkins247

Even though I praised the features in Franchise mode, I still feel that more should have been added. This video by Miles Dawkins pretty summed up how I felt about Franchise mode. We don’t have practice jerseys in the game despite it being in the LongShot mode. Also, not having a weekly recap/highlights show for the season is not good. The game is still don’t have more options for relocating your team to a different city or a new stadium. Compared to Madden 2005, which has the best franchise mode, in my opinion, Madden 19 is still lacking on Franchise mode.

3. Glitches

Even though it’s a lot of glitches in the game, most of these glitches can ruin the game for me. I came to a glitch where my opponent caught and dropped the football inside the endzone, but the game still counted it as a touchdown. Also, it’s a glitch where my player would teleport away from the ball when recovering a fumble. These glitches rarely happen, but these need to be fixed because it causes me a lot of anger when they happened.

4. Broken zones

Speaking of glitches, some zone coverage plays are broken in this year. For cover 3, 4 and 6, the purple zones won’t pay attention to some receivers deep in the field and would leave them open for an easy touchdown. That’s why the most plays that are used right now are Fake Screen Wheel and PA Crosses. However, you can this by adjusting your coverage to protect the sticks according to the video above. It does fix the problem, but EA needs fix to patch this immediately.

5. No SuperStar/ MyCareer mode

Youtube: MilesDawkins247

Until EA Sports adds it back to Madden, I will still talk about this missing game mode. After seeing games such as MLB The Show, NBA 2K, and NBA Live having this game mode and using it right, I”m still disappointed that Madden won’t add a career mode in the game. Playing as a player in Franchise is not the same because you don’t have options outside the game such as endorsement deals, interviews, starting from college, or anything like that. I like Superstar mode to return because it’s one of my favorite modes in Madden of all time.


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