Five Features that need to be on NBA 2K19

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  1. Make MyTeam Great Again (Can’t believe I just made that pun)

Source: CashNastyGaming

In my review of NBA 2K18, I talked about how MyTeam sucked with the Draft and Cap Mode. When I was NBA 2K16’s MyTeam during last year, I remembered that the MyTeam was pretty fun. I loved the simple tier they had for player cards (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Amethyst, and Diamond). Also, make cap mode an option to play with and make MyTeam Draft similar to MyTeam Database Draft.

2. No more cringing storyline and characters

Source: Agent 00

I can’t stand B Fresh in NBA 2K18. I’d rather deal Vic aka Bo$$ Key Yacht or Denver. Every year, 2K always tries to one-up by creating a side character that is annoying and irrelevant to the story. The main reason I don’t like B fresh is unlike Denver, Shammy, or any character, she doesn’t contribute to anything. She doesn’t give any advice or help during the gameplay. She only makes corny jokes and all you could do is sit there because there’s no skip button.

3. Less spending for VC on MyCareer

Source: JimSterling

I feel that NBA Live 18 did a better job than NBA 2K18 with the player creation. 2K Sports has been stepping away from what MyCareer suppose to be. Since NBA 2K13, 2K Sports have been adding VC more to the game mode to the point where you can’t upgrade anything without spending a lot of money or hours and hours to get better.

4. Add All-Star Weekend


Either 2K or EA Sports need to add the All-Star Weekend in the game. I miss this in an NBA game because I love to have extra modes in the game. The All-Star Weekend they have in 2K is a cookie-cutter version of it used to be. You can only play it in MyLeague or MyCareer and the gameplay of it is dull, bland, and not easy to win because the controls are awful. They need to have it as a standalone game mode and use control system they have from the previous 2Ks which was easy to use.

5. Improve Dribbling

Source: DBrownShinhan

Thanks to DBrownShinhan for pointing this out. The dribbling in NBA 2K18 doesn’t feel fluid compared to previous installments. It feels stiff and less rewarding for players with stick skills. 2K said stick skills matters but it doesn’t. Players will spam the same step back or hesitation moves until they get an ankle-breaker animation. In the old NBA 2ks or NBA Live 18, I feel that I was rewarded with an ankle-breaker because of my skill and the situation I was doing it in. 2K Sports needs to upgrade their dribbling system to reward skillful players.

Any ideas you want to see in 2K19? Comment below!


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