Vince McMahon announced the return of the XFL

Today, Vince McMahon had a press conference announcing the XFL will return in 2020. According to ESPN, Vince said the league is not running on gimmicks anymore and there are rules changes.


The new rules are:

• 8 teams to start

• 40 man rosters

• 10-game season beginning in January

• Two-hour game-time goal

• Any player with a criminal record precluded from playing

• Players won’t receive forum to take personal stance on social issues on playing field

Here’s my opinion on the reboot and the new rules. For me, it seems it sort of pandering to Trump Supporters. Instead of being the extreme football league, it’s more of the wholesome football league and I don’t see this lasting if it stays like this. I don’t mind not allowing players to protest the national anthem as long he gives them a platform to express themselves on social issues similar what the NBA is doing now. For the not allowing players with any criminal record to play, I don’t like the rule. I understand some crimes can’t be forgiven but I’m a believer in second chances if the person deserves it. With this rule, the biggest player that everybody wants to see, Johnny Manziel, won’t be able to play in the league. Unless the games are very entertaining, I don’t the league lasting long. I hope it will be successful but it doesn’t look promising.

Any opinions? Comment below!

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Source: Rovell, Darren. “Vince McMahon: XFL to Return in 2020 without Gimmicks.” ESPN, ESPN Internet Ventures, 25 Jan. 2018,


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