More Features that EA Sports can add to Madden (Part 2)

I’m Anthony Payton and here are more features EA can add to Madden 19.

1. Bring back the Highlight Stick

On my last post about Madden 18, I talked about automatic jukes in the game. In addition to removing that from the game, I want them to add the highlight stick back as well. Highlight stick was a great way to distinguish between elusive and power running backs due to most running backs feel the same in the latest games.

2. Better Weather Effects and Visuals

Now that Madden has the Frostbite engine, the visuals are looking fantastic than ever. However, I feel that they can improve weather visuals and the effects it has on the game. I missed the settings in the previous Maddens where you can adjust the precipitation between light, normal, and heavy. For the effects on the game, I want to see teams converting to run-first style due to receivers can’t run routes efficiently, quarterbacks can’t throw far, and kickers have a hard to kick easy field goals. When I watched the Colts vs Bills this season, I saw how the weather completely took over for the game and I want to see that in the game.

3. Deeper Franchise mode


I had been hearing since the departure the PlayStation 2 era that franchise mode needs improvement. While I like some additions such as weekly practices, current franchise mode seems like a cookie cutter version of Madden 2004 and 2005. Madden 2005 was the best franchise mode I have played ever in a football game. It had player morale that you can know where your players’ heads at by either being happy at their position or upset of not getting a lot of minutes and demanding a trade. Also, it has the “Tony Bruno Show” that keeps you updated with the latest news and drama with every team.

4. Better reaction animation

This video represents what I want to see when I score a last-minute touchdown in Madden. I want to have the announcers to sound exciting when the play is happening and the crowd erupts. Also, I want to see sidelines going crazy in excitement for the touchdown and disappointment from opposing team’s sidelines. This is the thing 2k Sports master in capturing the emotion of every moment in the game.

Do you agree/disagree with this list? Comment below!

Photos: Google

Videos: NFL, EA Sports, IGN


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