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My Top 7 NBA 2K games of all time

My name is Anthony Payton and last year, I did a list of my top seven Madden games of all-time. So, today I will list my top seven NBA 2K games of all-time.

7. NBA 2K13


Despite this game would the start of the turning point in the series, NBA 2K13 was a fun game to play with. This was the first game with the return of the Dream Team, the debut of “MyTeam”, and JAY-Z as the “executive producer” and “music curator” of the game. The gameplay is very good for the offense has smoother controls than the previous installment. The presentation is one of my favorites of the series with a great intro by JAY-Z, great soundtrack with songs from “Kanye West”, “Nas” and “Coldplay”. However, there are some problems such as defense is useless because blocking is almost impossible and the beginning of VC.

6. NBA 2K9


This game has a great presentation from pre-game to post-game. It also has a great soundtrack. NBA 2K9 includes NBA Blacktop, where you can streetball, Three-Point Contest, and Slam Dunk Contest. This game is a great balanced game.

5. NBA 2K16


Even though I wrote an article about the bad things about this game, NBA 2K16 was similar to NBA 2K13 by being a fun game. This game included the best MyTeam mode in the series, new classic teams such ’01 Lakers and ’12 Miami Heat, and the ability to fully customize your team arena and uniforms. Also, the 2K community on YouTube was strong during that year with channels such as CashNasty, Jesser, Chris Smoove and OSN. Even though there were a lot of problems with the game such as lackluster MyCareer story, poor defense A.I., and horrible servers, it was still fun.



It was my NBA 2K to play and it was a great one to start with. I can remember receiving this and ESPN NFL 2K5 for Christmas and playing them for hours. The game modes were fun with streetball and 24/7 mode, which was the prototype for MyCareer. My favorite game mode in the game is the Association because it’s one of the deepest franchise modes I’ve played by having players talking to you as the coach and affecting chemistry and morale depending on how you answer their questions. The gameplay was fun with updated dribble moves making the game fluid and smooth.

3. NBA 2K12


After forcing knocking out NBA Live of competition, 2K made a great sequel to one of their greatest video game. NBA 2K12 has one of the best game intros I have ever seen.

In this game, they included more than 15 legends and classic teams such as ’71 Bucks, ’87 Lakers, and ’01 Kings. With the legends, you can play a game mode called “NBA’s Greatest”, where you play the player’s some of their greatest games in order to unlock the team. Another game mode they added was “Created a Legend”, where you can as a current or former player and play their career as a style of MyCareer. This game also has an updated version of MyCareer with the Rookie Showcase and pre-draft interviews. During the time, 2K Sports had released a DLC “Legend Showcase” so players can play 2v2, 3v3, and H.O.R.S.E. to unlock legends.

2. NBA 2K10


NBA 2K10 is a fantastic game all-around. From pre-game presentation to great gameplay, this is the game I expect from 2K Sports. NBA 2K10 introduced MyPlayer for the first time in the series. Despite the game mode is dated, it was a cool concept to play with. Similar to NBA 2K9, this game includes NBA Blacktop, where you can streetball, Three-Point Contest, and Slam Dunk Contest. However, for the Blacktop mode, it includes celebrities such as The Game, Flo Rida, and Kanye West.

1. NBA 2K11


NBA 2K11 is the greatest NBA 2K of all time. When NBA Live and NBA 2K were going neck to neck during their rivalry, 2K Sports made a shocking announcement that Michael Jordan is returning to the game. Michael Jordan wasn’t in an NBA game since NBA Live 2004, this was great news for basketball fans. With the return of Michael Jordan, NBA 2K11 went all out for him by creating game modes like MJ: Creating A Legend, where you do the same thing in NBA 2K12, and “Jordan Challenge”, where you play Jordan’s iconic moments such as “The Flu Game”, “69 Point” and “Double Nickel”.

Do you agree/disagree with this list? Leave your opinion in the comments!



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