Another Five Features that EA Sports can add to NBA Live 19

My name is Anthony Payton and here are another five features I want EA to add to NBA Live 19 in order to pass NBA 2K.

  1. Better matchmaking for Pro-Am


While I like that NBA Live has an online public lobby for online compared to waiting by the court for the in NBA 2K18, I don’t like the aftermath of the lobby. After playing one game in Live, The lobby turns to a private lobby and it becomes annoying because the host has to open it up to public everytime the game is finished. Sometimes, the host doesn’t pay attention and start with the computer on the team or doesn’t start the game at all. Also, it is a hassle to get all of your friends into one game because of these settings. If EA Sports can resolve these issues with matchmaking, then online gameplay would be more fun and less complex.

2. Have All-Star Weekend mini-games


Photo: NBA

One game mode that NBA Live has always been better than 2K is All-Star Weekend. From the Rookie Challenge to Slam Dunk Contest, this game mode was incredible to play with. It gives the player a  good experience of the All-Star. Recently, only NBA 2K have All-Star Weekend games, but it’s only available in MyLeague and MyCareer and the mini-games are mediocre compared to the previous game. NBA Live 19 needs to add All-Star Weekend back so players can have more game mode options and more entertainment.

Youtube: Derek Turner

3. Classic teams



I stated this before on my last year list for NBA LIve 18. EA Sports needs to bring the classic teams into the game. One of the things that NBA 2K18 has above NBA Live 18 is classic teams. It gives gamers to play with favorite teams such as 2012 Miami Heat, 2011 Thunder, and ’95 Bulls. NBA Live has legendary players in Ultimate Team but it’s not enough for gamers and they don’t have Michael Jordan in the game. This would help NBA Live 19 more with fans if they add classic teams.

4. Add Draft Champions



Draft Champions is one of the best modes in any sport video games. Madden and FIFA still used this game mode and it’s still fun. NBA 2K18 tried to input this in their game but it failed miserably. This game mode would work great on NBA Live 19 because EA Sports knows how to use this feature.

5. Add NBA Street to the game



When NBA Live 18 announced that Stretch from NBA Street is in the game, people have been speculating that NBA Street series can come back. If NBA Street makes a return, EA Sports will be back at the top of sports video games. Another feature they could for this is to merge the game together and make a bundle. They can also have a feature that you can import your character from NBA Street to NBA Live or vice versa. This would great for NBA Live franchise and will increase sales and gameplay time from players.

Youtube: DbrownShinhan

Do you agree/disagree with my list? Give your opinion in the comments section.

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