XFL May Return in 2018

Friday, WWE spokesperson issued a statement to Deadspin about Vince McMahon funding Alpha Entertainment, to explore sports and entertainment opportunities such as American Football. This information could hint a return of the failed XFL. XFL was a football league that Vince created in 2000 to compete against the NFL. It discontinued in 2001 due to multiple mistakes made by the WWE and NBC. The mistakes were short schedule for practice, lackluster games, boring commentary, sexual-suggestive cheerleaders, and mixing football with wrestling. Despite its failures, the XFL was pretty innovative by popularizing the use of “SkyCam”, which is used in the NFL.

Rod Smart #30

One of the most iconic players in the XFL, Rod “He Hate Me” Smart. From Google

With this announcement, I’m pretty confident that the XFL can be successful this time around. After watching 30 for 30 special, I can see Vince McMahon fixing all of the mistakes he made during that time. It is good news that budget is separate from WWE so it won’t affect either product. Also, I want to know about the new rules for the game so they can have more entertaining games. The question I have is what network they going to be on? They can’t go back to NBC because they are under contract with the NFL. The best network will be Turner Sports because they are biggest sports network without an NFL contract. I will report any new information about this when release.


Chiari, Mike. “WWE Says Vince McMahon Investing in ‘Alpha Entertainment’ Amid XFL Rumors.” Bleacher Report, Bleacher Report, 16 Dec. 2017,


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