Blitz The League: Nostalgia Review

My name is Anthony Payton and here’s my nostalgia review on Midway’s Blitz The League. This game came out in 2005 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox but I’m using the Xbox 360 version that was released a year later. Blitz The League is a spin-off to another Midway franchise NFL Blitz. NFL Blitz ended after EA Sports bought the exclusive NFL license, making them the only video game to have NFL players and teams. For being known for their arcade-style gameplay that This game received a different turn in the series. While keeping the arcade gameplay, Blitz: The League decided to step into Mortal Kombat style of violence. This means the gameplay has gruesome injuries with bones breaking and muscles tearing apart.


As previously stated, Blitz: The League still kept their arcade style of gameplay from the previous games. The game is fast-paced and easy to understand to control. The feature they added to the game is the Clash Meter. The meter allows the player to do commit charged moves such as spins, jukes, catches, and dirty hits. After six successful moves, the player will be rewarded with an Unleased move, which gives the player an unstoppable move that can cause an easy touchdown or an injury to the opponent.


Game Modes:

Similar to NFL Blitz Pro, Blitz has multiple mini-games. Mini-games include Big Head mode, Butterfingerz, Hard Hits, All or Nothing and others. The main game mode is Career mode. Career mode is where you take over a Division 3 team and lead them to the Division 1 and win the championship. This mode includes two former NFL stars: Bill Romanowski as Bruno and Lawrence Taylor as Quentin Sands.

In the mode, you can customize the players on your team, train them, and even give them legal and illegal drugs to enhance their attributes. Before every game, you are given objective or choices by gaining over 200 yards for extra money or spend money for escorts to fatigue the other team. Also, the story in Career mode is created by former writers of Playmakers, a football show on ESPN that was canceled because NFL didn’t like the portrayal the show was given about the image of professional football.



All in all, Blitz: The League is good game and I would recommend to try it out. The game goes around for $15 on Amazon.

Rating: 8/10


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