Five Things that EA Sports need to do for Madden 19

In my opinion, Madden NFL 18 need serious improvement for next year. Madden 18 is a good game but there is a lot of problems in the game that prevent from becoming a classic. In order Madden NFL 19 to be better than 18, there have to be five changes in the game.

1. Add penalties for online games


I understand that players don’t want random penalties in the game but it needs to come back. Penalties such as Pass Interference, Holding, and Late Hit need to be added to Madden. I keep seeing animations when defensive backs are taking receivers down before the pass reach to them.

2. Put an Unranked MUT Draft in the game


This year’s MUT Draft is an improvement from last year. With five extra rounds and guaranteed specific positions, MUT Draft is pretty. However, the problem is that only ranked mode that cost tickets. This is not new but the tickets are harder compared to last year where the only way to earn tickets is to pay it with coins instead of earning it based on how many wins you get during the game mode.

3. Get rid of automated jukes and spins

Source: Youtube @jmellflo

In Madden 17, jukes and spins was really bad to the point where elusive running backs were useless. In Madden 18, elusiveness was improved but perhaps too improved where a simple juke can make three defenders miss a tackle. It’s really annoying when you try to make a tackle and you have a great angle but you missed the tackle because of the automatic jukes. Madden 19 elusive should be tuned to the point where it based on the player’s skill level.

4. Add new Presentation styles


Madden 17 added a new commentary team to the game with Brandon Graudin and Charles Davis. While that was exciting, Madden needs an upgrade for presentation. Right now, EA SPorts need to take a page from 2K Sports by adding a pre-game show, a halftime show, and post-game show. I think they should add NFL GameDay Morning and Prime casts to order to get an authentic broadcast feel.

5. Add a MyCareer game mode


After getting a story mode in Madden, which was pretty good, it’s now time to move on a MyCareer type of game mode. After playing Longshot, I wanted to play more of it because it was fun. I liked the drills throughout the competition. The Connected Franchise mode is pretty much stale because I want to do more than play a regular season. I want to experience an NFL career by making endorsement deals, compete in the NFL Draft Combine, and practice multiple times during off-days. For an example, look at Madden NFL 07 Superstar mode where it had those things and it was a fun experience.


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