Hello, my name is Anthony Payton. If you have seen my articles, then you know that I am huge Madden fan. I basically grew up with the franchise by Madden 99 being the first Madden I played. Even thought I love the series, I admit there are bad Madden games since EA Sports won the exclusive rights from the NFL, making them the only video game to have NFL players and teams. Since that, Madden has been getting the image as lazy, greedy, and non innovated. Even now, Madden is still getting negative criticisms but I think the new Madden games are better now than they were ten years ago. The game that has started this trend is Madden NFL 06 on the Xbox 360.


I know that this game got positive reviews when it first came out, but trust me it’s far from great or even good. The Xbox 360 version of this game was released two months after the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube versions. The reason  I mention those versions because I’m going to compare them to each other.


The graphics on the Xbox 360 is pretty interesting at first compared to the last generation versions. However, the visuals are not that impressive because every player looked like they on steroids. Seriously every quarterback and kicker is greatly buffed  with their shoulders.



The gameplay is not good compared to the PlayStation 2 version. The movement feels stiff, pre-play adjustments takes longer and confusing to execute. Passing game is atrocious because receivers can’t do diving catches or pass their defender after a deep throw. Dropping catches almost never happen. Even using the hit stick after a catch doesn’t affect the outcome.

Game Modes:

Madden NFL 06  is really lackluster on the  game modes on the Xbox 360 version. The only game mode that is available other than play now is franchise mode. It doesn’t even have a practice mode. That sucks because the game gets easily boring after the first couple of games. Where the other versions have mini-camp, two-minute drill, and the new superstar mode. It’s just terrible that they didn’t even try to give their customers a game that is worth sixty dollars.



Madden NFL 06 on the Xbox 360 is a really bad game that started the trend of Madden seems to be lazy to developing a game. After 06, EA Sports released multiple mediocre games. I think that if Madden 06 got more of a honest review, the Madden series would have been more successful in the late 2000s.

Rating: 4/10

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