NBA 2K18: Classic Teams Revealed: Reaction (No ’10 Lakers?!!!!)

2K Sports revealed the seventeen classic teams that would be in NBA 2K18. Here’s the list:

  1. ’96-’97 Miami Heat
  2. ’98-’99 New York Knicks
  3. ’01-’02 Sacramento Kings
  4. ’01-’02 New Jersey Kings
  5. ’03-’04 Los Angeles Lakers
  6. ’04-’05 San Antonio Spurs
  7. ’05-’06 Memphis Grizzlies
  8.  ’06-’07 Golden State Warriors
  9. ’07-’08 New Orleans Hornets
  10. ’07-’08 Denver Nuggets
  11. ’10-’11 Chicago Bulls
  12. ’10-’11 Dallas Mavericks
  13. ’11-’12 New York Knicks
  14. ’12-’13 Memphis Grizzlies
  15. ’13-’14 Indiana Pacers
  16. ’15-’16 Golden State Warriors



Photo: Operation Sports

My favorites new team on this list are the Nets, Nuggets, Chicago Bulls, and Knicks. While I do enjoy to majority of these new classic team, there are complaints I have with this list. My first complaint is why is there two historic Grizzlies teams in the game. I don’t know who ask of these teams or one of the developers is a huge Memphis fan but none of these teams are not worthy to be in the game. These teams have the same worth as ’00 Portland Trail Blazers. My second complaint is the Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers are in the time too soon. Don’t get wrong, these two teams are classic teams and should be in the game. However, I feel that it’s too soon to put them in NBA 2k18.  There are better teams that could take their spot such as the 2009 Orlando Magic. My last complaint is there is no ’09 or ’10 Lakers in the game. This is most requested team of all teams by fans. I feel that there is a reason of why they don’t have it. On Ronnie2k’s twitter, he discussed about how they weren’t able to get everyone’s rights for the game (Rasheed Wallace and Gilbert Arenas) due to either players asked for too much money or they don’t their likeness in the game at all. This could be explain why Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum are not in the game. Overall, I like majority of these new teams and all-time teams for every franchise. As long the gameplay is way better than NBA 2K17, this could be a good for 2K.


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