NFL Blitz: Nostalgia Review

Hello, my name is Anthony Payton and I’m back with another nostalgia review. This time, I’m reviewing a old-school arcade classic NFL Blitz.


Released in 1997, NFL Blitz came from Midway Games, same company who made Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam. NFL Blitz concept is seven-on-seven arcade-style American Football instead of traditional eleven-on-eleven football (Madden). The game is notorious for its violent gameplay from fast-pacing movement and bone-crushing tackles.

Like I mention before, NFL Blitz is an arcade style football game. There are two game modes: Arcade Play and Season Play. Arcade Play is a home-port version of the arcade version of the game. You create your name and pick a team to play with. Season Play is where you pick an NFL team and play a NFL season and try to reach to the Super Bowl. Before each game, you can codes to enhance the game by having the player to have big heads or have weather effects. Also, there is a code to unlock Mortal Kombat character “Rayden”. In the game, there are simple rules. The objective is same as regular football by trying the most points before time runs out. Instead of having ten yards to get a first down, the player must get thirty yards for a first down. It sounds difficult but it’s really not because the plays have a lot of variations. For example, in some plays, you can pass to another player behind the line of scrimmage and perform a double pass that can be helpful.  Also, there are no penalties so you can commit pass interferences and other penalties without any consequences. If you score a touchdown, you can go for a two-point conversion or get an automated extra point. On defense, the only downside is there is no button for interception. However, that made up with the ability to multiple late hits after the play. It so satisfying to hit over and over again especially if you mess up on a play. The game’s presentation is very good for providing an arcade atmosphere with up-tempo intro and music, funny sound effects. Also, the game announcer is very entertaining by interacting with the player’s actions such as getting super excited when scoring a huge touchdown or turning the ball over.

Final Verdict:

All in all, NFL Blitz is a all-time classic arcade sport game and I recommend this to anyone who loves arcade games. I would give this game: 9.5/10


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