Five Ideas I want 2K to put in for NBA 2K18

With NBA 2k18 coming out in September, there is a lot of things that need to be fix or add to make it worth $150. Since I spoke on my disappointment with NBA 2K17, I realize that if NBA 2K18 doesn’t be good and NBA Live 18 turns out to be good then 2K Sports is in for trouble. So here’s five ideas I want NBA 2K18 to have.

  1. Draft Champions


This mode needs to be add to the game this year. Now games such as Madden and FIFA are succeeding with Draft Champions, it would  be wise for 2K to add Draft Champions. It give the fans to play with MyTeam cards without spending. Also, they can do ranked drafts for tournaments.


2. Easier grind for VC


VC is more expensive than ever since 2K13. From MyCareer to MyTeam, VC is needed a lot in NBA 2K17. My solution is have better ways to grind for VC. The only ways to earn VC without spending money are playing games in MyCareer, Play Now and using NBA 2K app. However, you will earn a little amount of VC compared to buying it.

3. Better defense for user and AI

The defense in NBA 2K17 is atrocious. While I criticized NBA 2K16 a while ago, I thought that would the worst the defense would be in 2K. But NBA 2K17 prove me wrong. The AI can’t play off-ball defense to save their defense. The smartest defense would leave guys wide open for no reason. With on-ball defense, it’s a step down from last year. The players are stiff and hard to move and break out to stop a drive. My solution is to return the setting from last year but keep the steal controls because I like the new steal controls.


4. All-Star Weekend



This mode needs to be come back. Since NBA 2K12 and 2K13, we never had a set of mini-games just to play for fun. The only way to play events such as Three-Point Contest and Slam Dunk Competition is player in MyCareer and MyLeague and the controls are bad and the event are boring. I say bring back the All-Star Weekend as its own mode. Also, add more events such as Rising Stars and Skills Challenge. Even add a celebrity team or a H.O.R.S.E. mini-game.

5. Less and (better) patches for shooting

In NBA 2K17, shooting has been changing every month with patches. Sometimes it will help the shooting, sometimes it will ruin shooting. This patches will mess up efficiency of getting a perfect release and affects how much ratings matter with shooting. It seems at a point that depending on what release you have for your player determine whether you have a better chance a shot going in instead of your shooting ratings. In NBA 2K18, this needs to be fix because I was tired of changing my shooting release because the patch would ruin my release and make it harder to get a perfect release.

Any more ideas you have that 2K can add? Comment below.

This video is from Agent 00:


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