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Nostalgia Review: NFL Street

Hello, my name is Anthony Payton and here’s another Nostalgia Review. This time we have NFL Street. Developed by EA’s newest studio, EA Sports BIG in 2003, NFL Street came from NBA Street that is a huge success. Similar to NFL Blitz, NFL Street have an arcade-type of feel with the 7-on-7 style football. NFL Street is considered one of the best football series of all time.


Like I said before, NFL Street have a similar fast pace like NFL Blitz. The objective of the game is the first team to score certain points wins. The score can be either touchdowns or style points. Style Points can be earned by doing flashy passes, catches, and celebrations. NFL Street have different game modes such as pick-up game and NFL Challenge. Pick-up game is where you pick your team based around a pool of random players. It’s really fun when playing with friends. The NFL Challenge is where you create your own team to play every NFL team to unlock stadiums and teams including NFL Legends.


Soundtrack: Next to NBA Street Vol. 2, NFL Street is my favorite sports video game soundtrack. The mix of hip-hop and rock is near perfect includes artists such as Korn, Three 6 Mafia, Nas and Lil Jon. You should give a listen to this soundtrack.

All in all, NFL Street is a great game but is easily surpassed by its successor, NFL Street 2. However, I recommend to give this a try if you are able to get it.


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