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Five Reasons why NBA 2K17 is the worst 2K of All Time!!

Happy New Year! It’s official! NBA 2K17 is trash. I can’t believe I said that about 2K. The company who had gave us classic games like ESPN NFL 2K5 and NBA 2K11. I thought NBA 2K16 was pretty bad, but seems like a classic compared to NBA 2K17. After playing Park After Dark aka Lag After Dark, 2K lost my trust. This year been nothing but a disappointment. I give five reasons why this year’s installment really sucks.

5. Lack of Draft Champions

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From: EA Sports

When Madden added Draft Champions last year, it pretty much saved the game. It has become the hottest game mode on sports since Ultimate Team. The ability to play with Ultimate Team players without spending money is a great team. 2K has their own version of Draft Champions call The Gauntlet, but it’s not as good as Draft Champions. Also, the rewards in Draft Champions are more valuable than the rewards on The Gauntlet.

4. Failed Events

Without any update to MyPark, NBA 2K17 releases news about a new Park Event called Park After Dark. It was supposed to be the hottest event in the game, but the servers were so bad that people couldn’t enjoy the events at all. This would of been excusable if it only occurred one time. However, it happened again in December and 2K won’t admit that they messed up.

3. Too Many Patches

In two months, NBA 2K17 had seven patches for the game. While other games may get one or two patches during two months, NBA 2K17 was so buggy that it needed a lot of patches. In the beginning of the game, I didn’t have the Dream Team even though I pre-ordered the game. Due to this patches, players notice big changes in the game. From animations being taken out of the game to insane glitches on MyCareer/MyPark. The recent glitch I have experienced was it took over three minutes to load up the game. A lot of customers also experience this glitch.

2. The AI is still horrible

This was been my problem with 2K for the last few installments. I thought this was my imagination but a lot of people is complaining about the same problem. The computer AI too intelligent when playing against the computer. Even with players like Anthony Morrow, who has horrible defense, can play like defensive player of the year. Players can pass with perfect accuracy even though their passing is below 40. However, your teammates’ AI has the worst intelligence in the game. They will leave players open, double team when it’s unnecessary, and commit the worst fouls I ever seen. This is sad because Madden this year has better AI than 2K and EA usually has worse AI than 2K. This needs to be fix!!!!

1. VC is ruining the game

This is the reason I have problems with microtransations. If you haven’t seenout my rant about VC, chect it out here. NBA 2K17 took a turn for the worst in it comes with VC. VC is more expensive than ever and have less value. From MyCareer to MyTeam, paying for VC is ridiculousness. Upgrading your player to at least 85 will cost fifty dollars. That’s doesn’t include buying clothes and animations for my player. MyTeam packs sucks by prices slightly going up and odds of pulling good players are horrible. Especially with 2K changing the players tiers from 2K16, pulling anything from rubys to diamonds is highly unlikely. You have to spend at least 100 dollars for a player that is higher than 85 overall.

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  1. This 2k17 game is the worst. How is it..that the worst team in the NBA is leading me buy the first 8 mins in the game. ..? well all shots are falling. .in for the other team.. regardless where they are on the court. ??.bums. on the team, are balling Really….

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    1. Amen, this 2k17….is garbage…the cpu, has managed to hit every shot…no matter when and where the player is on the floor…really..??? Even when the player is double teamed… no..


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  2. 1. Every team in this game can shot the ball like GSW. 2. Your teammates dont play any defense at all. Even when the CPU can make Kyle Korver look like on Prime Tony Allen. For god sake the CPU guard every C on the 3 point line, and never switch on PnR allowing open 3PT jumpers. They even guard shooter 1-2 steps behind allowing them to take an uncontested 3PT
    3. The one on one defense dont even exists. They always score those crazy step back jumper from 3 with the defense right in his face. The closest thing to play defend is get a steal before the offensive player takes a shot.
    4. The on game menus are just…i cant ever find a word to explain how BAD they were. Confusing, and those “defensing focus” dont actually work at all.

    Big fan of the series since the dreamcast, but this may be my worst experience in the series by far.

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