Nostalgia Review: All-Pro Football 2K8

Let’s talk about All-Pro Football 2K8. Before that, let’ talk about the history between 2K Sports and EA Sports. After 2K sports released ESPN NFL 2K5, EA signed an exclusive rights deal with the NFL, making them the only football game that can use NFL teams and players. This made a lot of fans mad especially  when Madden was releasing mediocre games after the deal. However, 2K found a loophole in the deal. 2K figured out since they can’t use current players so they use former players in the NFL. So 2K released All-Pro Football 2K8 in response to Madden NFL 08. The game consist of you creating your own team with legends and formers. For your team, you are allowed to choose two gold star players, three silver players, and six bronze players. A gold star player are usually hall of famers that great skills based on their position. A silver star  players are players who were pretty good in their career but not hall of fame. A bronze star are players who had a couple of good years in their career. They used hall of fame players such John Elway, Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders. They also former players like Rocket Ismail, Alvin Harper, and Randall Cunningham.


From Imav3riq

I will that this is the most realistic football game I ever played. At first, I was frustrated because I was used to Madden quick-paced gameplay so it was a little difficult to get adjust to the speed. The controls are similar to ESPN NFL 2K5 so it wasn’t hard to figure it the buttons. The animations of the players are great. From running motion to passing, it feels great for a game that came out in 2007.

Game Modes:

The only downfall about this game is the lack of game modes. The only modes that are playable are play now and season. They did had online until 2k cut off the server. The season mode only lasts for one season due to the developers couldn’t figure out to start the hall of famers as rookies since they are from different decades. So the replay value is moderate high.

All in all, All-Pro Football 2K8 is one of the best football games I player. The reason I never put it on my top ten sports video games because I already had ESPN NFL 2k5 on the list and the lack of game modes really knock off some points. So, I give this game a 8.5/10. If you have a chance to buy this game, I recommend to this game. I got this from Gamestop for a dollar.



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