NHL 17: First Impressions

My name is Anthony Payton and here’s my first impressions on NHL 17. For a warning, I’m not an NHL fan so I won’t have as much credibility as a person who knows the sport. The last NHL game I played was NHL 11 and I enjoyed it. After that, I stopped playing it. The last time I heard about NHL was the disappointing release of NHL 15. So my expectation was a little low. The first thing I noticed was the presentation with the real life versions of Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk. I didn’t expect this due to I was used to Madden and NBA 2K where they used in-game version of the announcers. The presentation was great as it felt like I was watching a televised game. Now for the gameplay, it felt smooth. At the beginning, it was difficult for me to get used to the controls since I haven’t played in years. So I used On-Ice Trainer which helped me with the new controls. As soon I got the hang of it, the game felt great. I felt that I have full control of my players. Scoring handled well as it took  skills and angles to make a goal. Defense also handle well as you have to be smart as either do a poke or a body check. Game modes are great such as the classic Shootout Mode and other modes such as Be a Pro and Draft Champions. All in all, I would recommend this game for any casual sports gamer. If you want an in-depth review of this game, check out Sports Gamers Online’s review


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