Five Features EA Sports need to Add on Madden 18

Madden 17 showed that EA Sports can go to their glory days of releasing great games. However, there are some elements that need to be added on the game to become a near-perfect game. Here’s my top five features Madden need in the game.

5. Defensive settings


This is the most requested feature ever since it was taken out. Defensive settings such as adjusting match-ups for cornerbacks, double team players and having them press or back up on the receiver in every play would make defense less complicated and more fun.

4. More presentation options


This year’s presentation is definitely a step-up from last year with new commentators and camera angles. The changes I would add are better pre-game, halftime and post-game show. Another feature I would add is more commentators. I would like to hear Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth for night games and Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for evening games. Post-game interviews would be a nice touch for players be more interested after the game.

3. Team creation in Ultimate Team


Even though 2K borrow the idea of MyTeam from EA Sports, NBA 2K did a phenomenal job by including customization for your team. This element would help bright up Ultimate Team by giving players an option to make a custom team or old team such as the Houston Oilers. Of course, they got to have restrictions so players won’t use inappropriate images for the team.

2. Story mode in Madden

Due to sports games such as NBA 2K, FIFA and MLB The Show, career story line is seen as a necessary in a sports game. Madden has a career mode but it’s lackluster at best. There’s nothing special in the mode. Adding features such pre-draft workouts, NFL Combine and being drafted by a team instead of picking your team would help this mode a lot.

1. Frostbite Engine in the game


Well we would see this engine in the later years due to PGA and FIFA are using this engine. Frostbite engine is most famous for critical-acclaimed Battlefield. I mention this engine before on my Sports Game of 2016 list. I love this engine with Battlefield and FIFA and I hope that the Madden developers can use this engine correctly and if they do, they will back on top.


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