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Micro transactions needs to STOP!!!!!!!!!!

Micro transactions needs to get to stop coming into our games. Especially in 2K!!! While I was playing and reviewing NBA 2K17, which is a really great game so far. When I went MyCareer and looked at the attribute upgrades, I see this overpriced VC for upgrades. It costs over 100,000 VC which is over 30 dollars. I hate how we have to pay for VC to upgrade to the player. There are a lot of reasons I don’t like this. The main reason is in online, majority of the players’ rating are over 90 in less of a few days. Upgrading your player is not based on your performance and the hours you put on the game. That is one credit I give to NBA Live 16, which gave you upgrades based on your performances in the game. This is stupid!!! Why are we forced to pay so your player won’t suck online? Why we can’t have the old upgrade system from NBA 2K11 where we earn skill points based on your performance during the game or drills. It was worth it because it rewards you grinding hours on the game instead of wasting hundreds of dollars. There’s even an article that shows how to upgrade your player by not spending money. Here’s the link because YOU definitely need it. Please 2K, go back to your old ways. The game is good but it sucks that we spend money on MyCareer and MyTeam.


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