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NBA 2K17: The Prelude (Review)

Well, it’s 2K season and the best way to start it with a free prelude of NBA 2K17. The prelude includes a ten minutes tutorial and MyCareer for college. This reminds me of NBA 2K10 with the Draft Combine so when the full game is released, your player will ready in the NBA. I’m not going to talk about gameplay because this is a demo and I couldn’t get real feel. So, let’s start at the beginning with the Face-Scan. For me, it doesn’t work at all at first. It said “Cannot scan your face” or the camera shows a wider screen. I’m not the only one with problems. Then, I used my friend’s phone and it worked fine. My opinion on the quality of the face scan is it’s worse than NBA Live version. NBA Live was less of a hassle and have better results than 2K. Now let’s talk about MyCareer storyline. I will go on and say that so far it’s better than NBA 2K16 story. This year’s story seems more interesting by introducing the player to characters that is forcing us to like or dislike. So far, none of the characters are not annoying like Cee-Cee, Vic or Yvette. You start off with your player showing his high school highlight tape to his high school coach. Your high school coach is more of a old-school fundamentals coach who doesn’t like flashy moves. After you and your coach have dialogue, you choose what college you signing to. I chose Wake Forest due to UNC is not in the game. In the Prelude, you go through four or five games, depending on if you win majority of the games. So far, the story looks good. I believe there will drama between your player and your girlfriend due to PartyNextDoor being on the soundtrack. Hopefully, the story won’t forced me to play in a certain way and not play with freedom. Also, it should have new cut scenes based on decisions in the game.


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