Madden NFL 17 Review: Is it worth it?

Finally, it’s Madden Season once again with the release of Madden NFL 17 by EA Sports. Last year, Madden NFL 16 was a decent but disappointing game due to aggressive catch was overpowering, dull presentation, and inconsistent A.I. Now with Madden 17, the developers improved various parts of the game from the offense and the defense. However, let’s first talk about the presentation:


This year’s presentation is a huge step up from last year. From moving on from the dull commentary by Phil Simms and Jim Nantz to brand-new commentary from Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin. The commentary is intriguing by lines are fitting to the play and are giving backstories on a lot of players. Also, throughout the season, there will be new commentry every week based on the season. For the looks, the players models still look the same but that wasn’t a problem before. The lighting is better, making night games more appealing. The soundtrack is excellent by the perfect blend of hip-hop, country, rock, and pop. The songs were up-tempo that keep you hype while playing the game.


From: Madden Daily @Youtube


The first thing I noticed is the aggressive catch isn’t overpowering anymore. As I stated before, Madden 16 aggressive catch was so strong that any receiver can catch over any defensive back. In Madden 17, the aggressive catch was toned down so that certain receivers like Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant can catch over defenders. However, it’s balanced over that you can’t chuck to Dez on every play because the A.I. will catch on to this and play on the ball and force a turnover.

From: iMav3riq @ Youtube

Another feature Madden improve is the running game. Running feels more fluid than ever. The double juke that was heavily abused in previous Madden is no longer effective. The defense also got an upgrade with better A.I., more zone coverage and defensive assignments such as attacking the gap or force the ballcarrier direction. Also, special teams becomes more exciting with a new kick meter that more difficult. Blocking field goals and punts are a little more common than ever with the ability to jump the snap to block the kick. This is a game changer where I lost game by missing an extra point or getting blocked on a field goal.

Game modes:

The first game mode I try is Draft Champions and it still fun from last year. This game mode is where you build your fantasy team based on your choices in fifteen rounds. I recommend to play this mode. It’s addicting. Ultimate Team is still the same. It’s okay but it’s more fun if you are willing to spend money on packs. Franchise mode get an improvement by getting more decisions for practice, trading and free agency. Another feature is “Play the Moment” on Franchise mode, which allow the player to spend less time on each game. This feature makes the player play the important moments such as stopping your opponent scoring or making a last-second score.


Madden NFL 17 is one of the best Maddens I ever played in a long time. This Madden can be compared to ESPN NFL 2k5 which is best football game of all time. From brand-new commentary to improved gamplay, I give this game 8.75/10


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