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Domestic Abuse vs. Substance Abuse in the NFL

During the last few days, the NFL was criticized of handing of the domestic abuse case of Josh Brown. Josh Brown, punter for the New York Giants, was arrested in May of 2015 for domestic violence. This led to an 10-month investigation by the NFL which resulted to a one-game suspension. A lot of fans were outraged by this result comparing to players such as Le’Veon Bell who have been suspended for three games for substance abuse. It seems the NFL is more tougher on substance abuse than domestic abuse due to substance gets more harsher punishments than domestic. Initially, I was mad by this decision due to I have this assumption of the NFL knowing the evidence of the case. Then, I read the NFL full statement and it actually made sense. The NFL stated that they were lack of evidence due to the wife and the police wouldn’t talk to officials. That is a legitmate reason to suspend him for one game because they don’t know if he actually assaulted her. However, if any evidence comes out, I want the NFL to handle this immediately.  Here’s the full statement if you want read it:


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