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NBA 2K17 – The Dream Lives On Review

Finally, 2K finally release some gameplay (kind of). Today, 2K Sports release a minute-and-a half long video of in-game footage of the 1992 Dream Team and the 2016 USA Basketball Team.

Personally, I don’t want to join the whole “the game still look the same and it’s going to suck”. There are some couple of good things in the trailer. They fix certain players such as Jimmy Bulter’s hair and David Roberson. However, there are lot of things I find wrong. First, in the beginning of the video, we are introduced with a cringe-worthy  full version of the national anthem. I give them credit for adding the full version but there were some things missing. For example, where’s the flag on the middle of the court and why wasn’t the crowd standing up for the national anthem. Another thing is the most important: “WHERE IS THE GAMEPLAY?!”. NBA 2K17 is coming out in five weeks and we have not seen any type of gameplay. I was hoping to see any type of gameplay especially with the Dream Team and the USA Team. In NBA 2K13, we was treated with a gameplay trailer of the Dream Team and the 2012 USA Team and it was a great trailer.

How does 2K expect people to pre-order the game while there is no footage of the game. 2K: Y’all need change your marketing.


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