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Five Sports Video Games Series that need a Comeback

My name is Anthony Payton and these are the “Five Sports Video Games Series that need a Comeback. This list consists of games that were cancelled and wanted to be reboot by by fans and critics.

5. Fight Night Series


I would like to another boxing game but it probably won’t happen. Due to the popularity of MMA and UFC, boxing lost its popularity since one of the biggest boxers, Floyd Mayweather, retire from the sport. If this game makes a comeback, it should be a “Fight Night Legends” featuring the best boxersf from Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Holyfield, Mayweather, and Pacquiao. It could feature today’s boxers but it would great if you include majority legends in the roster.

4. MVP Baseball

download (5)

This should make a comeback. After EA Sports discontinued MVP Baseball in 2005 and 2K Sports discontinued in 2013, the only baseball game available is MLB The Show. However, that game is exclusive to Sony. Baseball fans needs to another baseball game especially for the Xbox One. It could either EA or 2K, but I want EA to make it because they have more success in baseball than 2K.

3. NFL 2K


This is the most requested series to comeback ever since it ended in 2005. ESPN NFL 2K5 is consider the best football game of all-time and it is ashamed that the future of the series due to EA Sports buying the exclusive right of the NFL, making them the only football with the NFL license. We need another NFL video game in order to complete with Madden. However, if NFL 2k does come back, the game should be made by the original developers instead of the new people they have.

2. NCAA Football


Speaking of competition for Madden, this series needs to make a major comeback. NCAA Football was a great alternative to Madden by featuring college teams. The reason this series discontinued was college players wanted to receive payment for the game using their likeness and EA Sports wasn’t willing to do that. Unless EA Sports find a way to resolve this problem, we probably won’t see another NCAA Football.

1. ALL of Street Series




I missed this series ever since EA Sports BIG discontinued. From NBA Street to NFL Street, I love every street game that came out. The last street game that came out was FIFA Street, which is a good game. I want a new Street series for NFL and NBA. I want Cam Newton and Gronk jumping on walls and want to see Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook shooting crazy shots and making crazy dunks. This would be a great arcade game and money making game for EA Sports


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