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Ten Songs I want to see on NBA 2K17/Live 17

This list is songs I want to hear in NBA 2K17 or NBA Live 17. Last year soundtracks were great by having a great variety of music. These songs on this list were used for arena music in the NBA and should be in these games. Of course, the songs will be clean if there are in the game. Some songs I will explained why I pick them for this list.

Drake & Future- Jumpman

© 2016 Vimeo, Inc.

I will surprised if this song is not any of these games. This song one of the most popular songs in 2015 and it is a great song from Drake and Future. Also, this song promotes Jordan, which is a shoe brand in the game.


Kanye West- Stronger

This is one of my favorite Kanye West songs and I am shocked this was not used in any sports video games. This song is use in every sporting event from football, basketball and baseball. This song has a good message by using the famous quote “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. It also have a powerful beat produced by Kanye and sampled Daft Punk song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.

Enur- Calabria 2007

Please ignore the thumbnail (lol). Calabria 2007 was used before in NBA Live 09.

Drake- Forever

This song should be on these games. From having the some of the best rappers on this song and this song is about LeBron James in Cleveland. This song is appropriate because LeBron James had won a championship for The Land.

Kendrick Lamar-Untitled 07


Fetty Way- 679

Lil Dicky- Save Dat Money

Kanye West- All Day

2 Chainz – Watch Out

J. Cole- Fire Squad

Any other songs you would like to see? Comment below!


All videos used are from: Youtube, LLC, Epic Records, Def Jam Records, Credence, 300 Entertainment,  Roc Nation, Top Dawg Entertainment, Getting Out Our Dreams Music, Interscope Records, Universal Music Group and VEVO


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