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NBA 2K17: MyGM/ MyLEAGUE – League Expansion

Today, Erick Boenisch who is the Senior Producer of NBA 2K17, discussed the new features of MyGM/ MyLEAGUE game mode. The link will be here if you want read it. I’m here to dicusss about it and I think this is a good thing. I even this wasn’t one of my main concerns in the game but I’m glad they try to improve a game mode that is barely.

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My GM/ MyLEAGUE needed a huge upgrade due to the popularity of MyCareer, MyTeam, and MyPark. Thes are great upgrade from expanding your league by adding classic team and created teams and customizing the league restructuring division and playoffs rules.

© 2K Sports

Also I am very excited for the return of the option to play the playoffs. I missed this option from the last-gen consoles and I’m happy for the return. However, I’m hoping for better celebration cutscenes as NBA 2k16’s was horrible and needed for upgrades. So this is good news but I’m still waiting for gameplay news to see if there will be any improvement.




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