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Five Sports Game I’m Anticipating for the rest of 2016

Happy Sunday to y’all. So far we have some great sports games this year. From EA Sports UFC to MLB The Show 16, these games were great. For the rest of the year, we will receive more games such as Madden, NBA 2k and Fifa. So I’m going to give my top five I’m anticipating for the rest of this year.

5. NBA 2K17

NBA 2K is one of most popular sports video games today. Despite I feel that NBA 2K16 was worse than NBA 2K15, I’m still looking forward to NBA 2K17. Other than getting news about pre-order items and rumors of using your phone for the face scan, there is no gameplay news. We probably will receive news by late-August or September. So NBA 2K17 is number five because I want to see if the game is going to have any improvement from last year despite not having any news on the game.

4. WWE 2K17

WWE 2K16 was a great game by improving on gameplay and MyCareer. Similar to NBA 2K17, there is no gameplay news other than pre-order deal such as playable character Goldberg and the NXT edition of the game. But I’m looking forward to this game due to last year edition was good that I want to see they are going to make improvements.

3. NHL 17

I’m not really a NHL fan but had played few games such NHL 10 and 11. The reason I am interested is the addition of Draft Champions, which was successful in Madden 16, and World Cup. Also, gameplay additions such as Net Battles with new goalkeepers stances and checking battles. So I’m looking forward to renting this on Gamefly.

2. Madden 17

Madden is one of my favorite video games series despite my love for the series fell off due to recent disappointing releases. Madden 16 was decent with Draft Champions but there gameplay  and presentation issues I have with the game. For Madden 17, there was one thing that pull me in: No More Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. In the last few Maddens, Jim and Phil were the worst commentary team I ever heard. Jim was decent but I can’t stand Phil Simms as he makes comments that doesn’t make sense or annoying. But now having a new commentary team and updating dialogue every week  throughout the season, this is a big improvement. On the gameplay, it seems positive due to Youtube gamers had positive honest comments on the game. As the aggressive catch was toned down and defensive coverage and running game is improved. My only concern is the blocking game, which is always a problem in Madden. However, I pre-ordered  the game and I will give my honest review when I play it.

1. FIFA 17

Despite me having a more preference towards Madden, FIFA 17 is a big game to look forward for the series and later games in EA SPORTS. The reason I say that is FIFA 17 is using the Frostbite engine for the first time in their history. Frostbite was first used in first-person shooter: Battlefield: Bad Company. The engine have generally positive reviews by adding realistic movements for the characters and detailed destruction from the weapons. Frostbite was first tested on sports video games in Rory Mcllory PGA Tour. Even though the game had lukewarm reviews, the gamers had praised the engine by adding better ball physics  and weather patterns. Now for FIFA, this is big due to FIFA is a large-scale of video games. Also, FIFA 17 added Story Mode into the game. Even though they may got the idea from NBA 2K16 who got it from NBA 06: The Life, this looks little more better but I’m still skeptical. However Alex Hunter is a way better name than Frequency Vibrations. Other than Madden 17, this will be the first game I want to play when it comes out.


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