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Kevin Durant signs with the Warriors

His decision has been made. Kevin Durant has left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors. He made his announcement on The Players’ Tribune website he chose the Warriors and sign a two-year deal worth $54.3 million dollars while his second year is a player option. This is shocking for me because I didn’t believe that he would choose the Warriors  over the Thunder. One of the reasons is that the Thunder was one game away from beating the Warriors to advance to the NBA Finals. The Thunder have a great team with Russel Westbrook, Steven Adams, Eris Kanter, and Victor Oladipo. Also with an similar opinion as Mike Korzemba, I don’t think Durant won’t play with Stephen Curry as both of them think that they are the best player in the world. But now he sign with the Warriors, what does this mean for the Warriors? Last year they considered as the best team in the NBA. Now with Kevin Durant, they are definitely the best team in the league. In some ways, this is similar to when  LeBron James left Cleveland to join the Miami Heat. However, the difference is that LeBron didn’t have any weapons on that Cleveland team while Durant had multiple weapons and willing to improve their team for Durant by trading Ibaka for Oladipo and Ilyasova. My issue is who is going to be the face/leader of the team between Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. I don’t know if Curry is going to be a Dwyane Wade by letting Durant lead the team. For the Thunder, Russell Westbrook is the leader now. However, I don’t see them as the top five teams in the league. They still will make it to the playoff if everything goes right. Some people will call this a weak move by Durant for joining a team you could have beaten in the playoffs. In my opinion, I partly agree as he follow the old motto “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. The difference between him and LeBron leaving is that Durant is joining a team who was one game left to win the Finals while LeBron joined a team with Wade and Bosh who was eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs. So good luck to Warriors and Durant!


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