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My Top 10 Sports Video Games

My name is Anthony Payton and here’s my top 10 sports video games. I want to give my personal list of my favorite video games in order for you to a better connection. There will be games that I would not include on this list so don’t judge me. If you have any games that you would include on this list, please comment on this post. Let’s start with number 10:

10. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 

This was the first wrestling game I ever played and I enjoyed it till this day. This was the game got into wrestling by playing with John Cena, Rey Mysterio, and Jeff Hardy. They have incredible match types such Buried Alive Match, Extreme Rules Match, and my favorite Parking Lot Brawl, especially with another friend.


Source: Wikipedia®

9. Burnout 3: Takedown

In my opinion, this is one of the best racing games of all time. With the ability to crash to opponents by causing them to wreck is automatically fun for me. This is also a  great game for multiplayer playing with your friends crashing into each other. Also, they have game mode where you can make the biggest wreck on the map. This was enjoyment because destroying cars was so much fun.


8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

I remember my dad renting this game from Blockbuster and I fell in love with this game. Especially when Tiger Woods was one of the biggest athlete in the world. This game have great features with “Tiger Vision” that helps you when putting from far distances. This Tiger Woods has one of the largest roster I seen in a golf game from legends such as Beg Hogan and Arnold Palmer to special characters like Sunday Tiger Woods which is the best player on the game.


7. NBA 2K11

One person made this game: Michael Jordan. When the news was released that Michael Jordan will be playable, I was excited. The last time Michael Jordan was on an NBA video game is NBA Live 2003. Playing with him and Chicago Bulls and other classic teams with fixed gameplay was great. I don’t even played with the Chicago Bulls because I have the Miami Heat with the “Big 3”. Also MyPlayer was improved from last year with new cutscenes, have interviews to increase/decrease your popularity, and the ability to choose endorsements.


6. NFL Street 2

EA Sports BIG created a lot of great games during its existence and NFL Street 2 was one of them. The first NFL Street was a classic and NFL Street 2 one-up it by adding more game modes and features similar to NBA Street Vol.2 (which I will talk about later). The first game they added was “Own the City” mode where, similar to NBA Street 2, you create a player and form a team to travel to every field on the game and become the best. Other game modes they added were mini-games such as jump ball battle, where you battle with opponents to catch the most footballs. Another one is Crush the Carrier which is similar playground game I used to play where you tackle the ballcarrier and get the most style points before timer runs out. The game features they added were wall jumping and passing which gave you an advantage if you use it right. The last thing is Gamebreaker 2 where you enter an almost “God Mode” where you can’t get tackled at all.


5. NBA Ballers: Phenom 

I never played the first NBA Ballers so I never know what to expect from NBA Ballers: Phenom. At first, I wasn’t good in the game because I wasn’t use to the controls. But I got better in the game. I really enjoy the career mode which is 10x better than NBA 2K16’s story. It felt playing AND 1 Streetball before it came out and that game was okay.  Like Tiger Woods, it had a great roster with current players and legends and special characters such mascots and Ludacris.



4. Madden NFL 2004

I can say this, this is the best Madden I ever played. There were so many new features they added to this game. The first one is the Playmaker stick that you can use to lead blocker, flip run plays, and change routes on offense and defense. Another feature they added is “Owner Mode” on Franchise Mode . This gives you the ability set prices on tickets and concessions, buy advertisements to promote your team, and rebuild or relocate your team stadium.  Also, this is the game with 95 speed Michael Vick where he was unstoppable to the point you don’t need to pass, just scramble with Vick.


3. NBA Street Vol. 2

I was disappointed when this series because this was a great EA Sports series. NBA Street Vol. 2 was the best of the series.This game gave new features such as new ball dribbling moves and new and improved Gamebreaker 1 and 2.  This game had “Be a Legend” mode where you take your created player and tour around the United States to be the best Streetball player. This game expanded their roster with new NBA and street legends such as Julius Erving, the rapper Nelly, Stretch, and Michael Jordan. However with Michael Jordan, there were three editions of him as 1986 version, 1996 version and current Michael Jordan when he played for the Washington Wizards. Also this game has one of the best in-game soundtracks in my opinion. The songs has chosen by hip-hop producer Just Blaze. He even produced half the songs and instrumentals during the game. Here’s a YouTube link for some of the songs.

Just Blaze- Blaze 5

Gamebreaker 2 Theme

Nelly- Not In My House


2. NFL Blitz

This is one of first video games I learned to play along with Tekken 3 and Crash Bandicoot. This is a great alternative to Madden 99 which is also a great game. NFL Blitz is arcade-based football game that is similar to NBA Jam. Both are fast-paced, no rules/penalties and were great success in arcades. This game  focused on big hits that I enjoyed because it was fun seeing players throwing each other around. Sadly, this series ended when EA Sports monopolized the NFL and there were only one football game with the NFL roster and teams.



I would say that is the best football video game of all time. And sadly, this was the last 2K Sports NFL game before the monopolization of EA Sports. I remember receiving this for Christmas and this is one of the best Christmas gifts I ever received. To having a ESPN presentation with a Chris Berman on pregame and Suzy Kolber on the sideline, it had a great presentation. For the gameplay, it felt balanced as players who have high rating are not overpowered and can be stopped. It had other game modes such as first person football, where you play in the player’s point of view, fantasy draft, and play against in-game celebrities such as Steve-O, Carmen Electra, and Funkmaster Flex. And the cost of this game at release was $20. This game cost $20 in order to outsell Madden 2005. According to a former developer in EA Sports, it scared the hell out of them and caused them to buy the exclusive rights to the NFL so they can be the only football game with the NFL license.



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