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Curry Vs LeBron: The Final Battle and Prediction for Game 7

Game 7 of the NBA Finals is tomorrow night (or tonight depends when you are reading this), which is winner takes all. Throughout this series, the main storyline is the match-up of the two NBA superstars, Stephen Curry and LeBron James. Fans believe that this series will show who is the best basketball player of the world between these two players. LeBron James, who dominated the NBA for almost a decade, seen in fans’ eyes that he has been replaced by Stephen Curry as the best player in the world since he defeated LeBron in last year’s finals. Since that, Curry has led the Warriors to an NBA single-season record of 73 wins and becoming the first unanimous MVP in league history.  In the beginning of this series, the Warriors have been dominating the Cavaliers by winning the first two games in double digits. This happened  because the Cavs’ main stars such Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love were struggling. For LeBron James, he played one of his worst playoff games in his career in Game 2 by scoring 19 points, committing seven turnovers, and having a plus/minus of -20 on the floor. However, on Game 3, LeBron James has one of his best games of the series by scoring 32 points, having 11 rebounds, and being +24 on the floor. Even Kyrie Irving had a great game with 30 points, 8 assists, and being +24 on the floor.  On the other hand, Stephen Curry was having good games by being +25 on the floor and averaging 17 points during the first three games in the series, but was overshadowed by other teammates such as Draymond Green and Klay Thompson as they have better stats during the first three games. However, in Game 4, Steph Curry had an incredible game by scoring 38 points (with seven three-pointers), having 6 assists, and being +10 on the floor. Despite scoring 25 points, LeBron was struggling with having seven turnovers and being -12 on the floor. After Game 4, LeBron received criticism from fans and analysts for being not being aggressive in the paint and him snitching on Draymond Green for calling him a “b” in order to get him suspended on Game 5.636011998349314275-USATSI-9334787

Source: USA Today Sports 

LeBron responded to this negative comments with one of the best performances in playoff history with  41 points, 16 rebounds, and  seven assist. For Stephen Curry, despite scoring 25 points, he looked lost by committing four turnovers and shooting under 40%. The main factor in this game was the absence of Draymond Green as he was suspended. Fans and even Draymond Green believed that if he had played that game, the series would have been over. In Game Six, it was “do or die” for Cleveland as they was trying to tie the series 3-3 traveling to Oakland. LeBron has another incredible game by scoring 41 points, having 11 assists and shooting almost 60% from the field. As for Stephen Curry, he looked as he was panicking by committing horrible fouls by getting two fouls in the first quarter and eventually getting fouled out. The main highlights of the game was LeBron was trash talking to Curry after blocking his layup.


The most important moment in the game was Curry got ejected from the game after he thrown his mouthpiece into the stands when receiving his sixth foul. This was shocking because Stephen Curry is cool and calm and rarely shows anger or frustration.20592998-mmmain

However, this game showed Curry struggling and panicking as all the pressure from the series has shifted to him. Game 7 is less than 24 hours away and my prediction is that the Warriors will take the series in a close game. LeBron James will receive Finals MVP despite losing the series. If this happens, I feel it will affect both LeBron’s and Curry’s careers in a negative way. For LeBron, it shows that he cannot the Finals since he left the Miami Heat even though I feel that the Cavs need more help from the bench in order. For Curry, this is will be the second year that he will not be selected as Finals MVP. This is negative because Steph is being looked as the big star in the NBA and him being compared to legends such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and even LeBron James, critics are going to point out that he never won a Finals MVP or take over the series as these previous named players did in their career. So whoever wins tomorrow night, either player will get criticized for losing even though this is a team sport and one player cannot do everything.


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