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Five reasons why NBA 2K16 was HORRIBLE

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In three months, we will receive our eighteen installment of NBA video game series, NBA 2k17. A lot of expectation  is riding on the game since its previous installments critical acclaimed well in the recent years and NBA Live is not releasing until 2017. As there some reviews from IGN, GameInformer and Gamespot that praised the game as the “sports video game of the year”, there are some reviewers (including gamers) that criticized the game for broken to the point  that last year’s edition looks better. Why is that? Here I will give my five reasons why NBA 2k16 was horrible.


5. Mid-range shooting is Dead

On this version of 2K, developers has focused on efficiency on the three-point game. As for the reason is that the Golden State Warriors perimeter offense and their star, Stephen Curry, is one of the cover athletics. As their main focus is three ball and inside scoring (a little bit), 2k Sports did not spent thier time on improving the mid-range game. Players such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Dwyane Wade can’t hit their mid-range jumpers, the shot that they are know for (Especially the moving jumper). Multiple gamers from the 2k Community complained about this especially in online games, where the only way to score is to drive for a layup or dunk or hitting the three-point shot. I hope 2K fix this so players can score more creative.

4. Online servers are still terrible

2k is known for having bad servers, which shouldn’t be a surprise that is still a major problem. However, this problem has been going on for too long as players are still lagging throughout the game. I mean I understand it will lag if you have bad internet but when I play GTA V or Destiny, the game will good as it will rarely lag and plays smoothly. So when I play 2K16 online, I have horrible lag to a point I can’t play the game or the game will try to the opponent in the middle of the game until it kicks me out. Another problem is on MyTeam when finishing a game, I get this message:


This frustrating because you’ll lose your rewards from that game (even from a  challenge) and have to restart the game and use contracts on your players. This has to be on 2K’s to-do list on NBA 2K17.

3. Too many gameplay patches

As the motto goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Apparently 2K has not heard the motto because there were six patches for the game. Personally, I felt the game was great on the first day. It was playable, online was somewhat efficient, and there were rarely major glitches. However, as time for patches, the game has not felt the same. Glitches are common, help defense became a joke as players will double team on random moments, and CPU becomes more dominant on My Career. Players who will have a low three-point shooting rating can hit three even with a hand in their face. Another  note, I don’t know if this is common or not for everybody, NBA 2k16 has more crashes than its predecessor. This is the main one:


2. MyCareer Story sucks

NBA 2K16 is where we have Spike Lee directed the story for MyCareer. Spike Lee is a brilliant director and screenwriter and directed great films such Do the Right Thing and Jungle Fever. So when I heard he’s directing the story and we would be able to play from high school to college and then to the pros, I have really high expectation. Then I was disappointed at the product. First of all, you only can play three high school games (including the championship) and your performance for all the games does not affect the chances of being of by any colleges on the game. If you played poorly in all three games, you can still choose what college you want to attend to. In college, you are force to play one year. In a storyline cutscene, your player’s agent is convincing you to go pro after your freshman year while your parents want stay to finish your degree. At the end of the scene, your player said he will think about the decision as if you will choose to either go pro or stay in college for another year. But no, you automatically go into the draft. But let’s talk about the story. Your player’s name is Frequency Vibrations, which one of the worst names I ever heard of. Your player lives poor side of Brooklyn, New York with your sister Cee-Cee, your parents and best friend Vic. The cutscenes they have in the does not anything for your player. For example, in the story, the team owner gets mad at you for your friendship with Vic as Vic is showing a bad image for your player and the team. He is so mad at you that cut from the at the end of your rookie season, which never happen to 1st round pick. When you pick your next team, you still pick the team you were released from and continue as if there was no confrontation. And the whole story last till your rookie season ends. After the season ends, you continue regular ol’ MyCareer. To me , that is a real downer. Another problem is that no matter what race your created player is, your family would still be black. This is a problem for gamers who are not black as they cannot connect to the story as much and it looks weird when you are the only white person in the family I want more content than I received. I was so disappointed that i went to play NBA ’06 on the Playstation 2 and they did a way better job for that came out in 2005.

1. Ball Physics is nonexistance

For anyone who talks about Madden not having any real physics, there are not clearly not paying attention towards NBA 2k16. Ball physics is there in the game. The ball go through defenders while passing and dribbling, which is known for the  yo-yo dribble. Players cannot detect the ball when the ball is right in front of the them. When I was talking about the CPU being too dominant in the game, ball physics help them being more dominant. For example, when a loose ball is on the floor and your player is reaching for, the CPU can glance at the ball at the last possible second and retrieve the ball before you. The major flaw in 2k is bump steals still exist. In 2K, when your player bump into a defender, he automatically loses and fails to retrieve it. But for the CPU, it rarely happens as the CPU has glue on their hands and cannot lose the ball that easily. This video will how easy it to steal in NBA 2K16. How to Steal in NBA 2K16

Weight detection is not even in the game. Such as LeBron James can easily bump by players smaller than him like Stephen Curry, which is not realistic. Also, poster dunk rarely work as players with high duck rating tries to dunk over a opposing player, he will lose the in mid-air or hit the rim. This need to be fix!

That is my reasons of why NBA 2k16 was horrible. Are there any reasons why this game was horrible. If so, comment below!








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